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You may wonder: Why a Japanese culinary staple need a European institute?

Miso is a flagship product representing a whole range of mould-based fermented foods. These fungi-based powerhouses have the ability to transform plant ingredients into umami and other flavour compounds. This means they can facilitate the transition to a future with more plant proteins, relying less on animal proteins that are a major cause of many big societal issues like deforestation, carbon emissions, animal welfare, land -and water use, and public health. Thus, fungi can help in creating a brighter future!

Why can miso be valuable to European citizens?

We believe in a great future of miso in Europe because…

  • reduced reliance on animal-proteins as a source of umami is fundamental to a positive change for the planet and all its inhabitants..
  • you continue discovering new and exciting flavours while pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.
  • a co-creation and synergistic relationship with fungi and other microorganisms can help us create healthy and delicious foods.
  • we believe that food is the best way for people to connect by introducing Europeans to miso outside of a Japanese culinary context.
  • fermented foods can contribute to a healthy gut microbiome.
  • novel miso can reflect regional food customs while stimulating production and consumption, if made with locally and seasonally available ingredients.
  • miso fermentation practices can be used to valorize waste streams from our food production system.

European Institute of Miso stands for M.I.S.O values:

  • Mission-driven: exploring the potential of miso and miso-based products, encouraging people to use it more often. Our vision is to make miso a mainstream seasoning in the European kitchen pantry and to get umami to people’s plates without the necessity for animal products. 
  • Interdisciplinary: The team consists of passionate people from a range of different cultural and professional backgrounds who are excited about miso and believe in its potential. Each of us will use their expertise to realize our common mission. 
  • Social: To make us all understand that the future of healthy meals includes affordable, versatile and easy to use products like miso.
  • Open-source: Easy and free access to information is the best way to accelerate collaborative practices among people like you and us!