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European Miso Institute is a non-profit organisation with primary focus on bridging the knowledge gap and enhancing the understanding of miso (fermented bean paste) within European context.

Our mission

Encouraging a interdisciplinary curiosity towards miso and miso-based products by accelerating cross-domain scientific research, providing open-access source of information, challenging current cooking habits, promoting healthy and sustainable diets, building miso communities and bridging the gaps between Japanese and European food cultures.

Our vision

Transforming miso into a common, desirable and transparent product for European citizens. In other words, domesticating miso as a European ingredient.

Focus areas


Innovation and technology


Sensory and customer behaviour


Nutrition and health


Sociology and culture

Meet our founders

Maciej Krol (President) – Denmark
Emile Samson (Vice-President) – The Netherlands
Yannick Schandené (Secretary) – Belgium

Meet our core team

Anna Verlinde – Denmark
Carlos Suarez Muniz – Spain
Clara Onieva – The Netherlands

Margot Zylicz – The Netherlands
Nabila Rodriguez – Denmark
Sara Vande Velde – Belgium
Taeko Hamada – Denmark

Board of Advisors

Armando Perez-Cueto – Sweden
Bart Smit – The Netherlands
Christian Weij – The Netherlands
Claus Meyer – Denmark
Eddy Smid – The Netherlands
Fumiko Kano Glückstad – Denmark
Juan Carlos Arboleya – Spain
Mattia Baroni – Italy
Ole G. Mouritsen – Denmark


Are you a researcher, producer, supplier or simply a miso-lover? Connect with us!