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European Miso Institute is a non-profit organisation with primary focus on bridging the knowledge gap and enhancing the understanding of miso (fermented bean paste) within European context.

Our mission:

Encouraging a interdisciplinary curiosity towards miso and miso-based products by accelerating cross-domain scientific research, providing open-access source of information, challenging current cooking habits, promoting healthy and sustainable diets, building miso communities and bridging the gaps between Japanese and European food cultures.

Our vision:

Transforming miso into a common, desirable and transparent product for European citizens. In other words, domesticating miso as a European ingredient

Focus areas


Innovation and technology


Sensory and customer behaviour


Nutrition and health


Sociology and culture

Meet our founders

Maciej Krol (President) – Denmark
Emile Samson (Vice-President) – The Netherlands
Yannick Schandené (Secretary) – Belgium

Meet our core team

Anna Verlinde – Denmark
Carlos Suarez Muniz – Spain
Clara Onieva – The Netherlands
Francisco Paco Alvarez – Italy
Margot Zylicz – The Netherlands
Minaka Ono – Denmark
Nabila Rodriguez – Denmark
Sara Vande Velde – Belgium
Taeko Hamada – Denmark

Board of Advisors

Armando Perez-Cueto – Sweden
Bart Smit – The Netherlands
Christian Weij – The Netherlands
Claus Meyer – Denmark
Eddy Smid – The Netherlands
Fumiko Kano Glückstad – Denmark
Juan Carlos Arboleya – Spain
Mattia Baroni – Italy
Ole G. Mouritsen – Denmark


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